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Boats & Motorcycles

xMost people purchase a Boat, Camper, or Motorcycle to relax and get away with. More often then not you will find yourself cleaning your toys more often then you enjoy them! We are here to take care of that for you. Let us take on the headache that comes with maintaining and cleaning large boats and RV’s. We have over 15 years of experience working with Gel coat and have a strong background with boating knowledge. 

Below you will find our starting prices. Because every boat, Camper, And motorcycle is different then the next, We highly suggest jumping on the phone with us to determine the best options for you. 


Interior detail - $325 for boats 24ft and under 
This interior detail will consist of a heavy vacuum and air purge of all the carpets including inside the compartments. All of the interior fiberglass will be wiped down and treated with a Paint sealant. All seats, sunpad, and arm rests will be thoroughly cleaned and conditioned with a UV Protectant. Windshields are cleaned and dash conditioned. This will leave your boat feeling nice and fresh for the season. 

Exterior wash and sealant - $275 for boats 24ft and under
Starting with a thorough pre rinse both the boat and trailer are treated with a decontamination before our two bucket hand wash. After the hand wash we give the boat a plush towel dry and blow out all crevices and cracks. The boat then receives a machine applied paint sealant, This will help keep your surface clean and glossy longer. Less time wiping down at the ramp, More time on the water!

Gel Coat Correction: 

One step rejuvenation polish - starting at $22 per foot 
Perfect for light oxidation and waterspout removal, this will also add a nice gloss and clarity to the clear coat.

Two step Correction polish - Starting at $45 per foot
This service is for boats that have seen more neglect from the sun and has moderate to severe oxidation on the Gel coat. Light swirls and dock rash will come clean, Leaving you with a like new finish and deep glossy shine



SI02 Sealant - Starting at $22 per foot.

This paint sealant by Shine Supply is machine applied to the entire boat and let bond to the surface, When removed you are left with a glossy surface and a solid layer of protection good for up to 12 months with proper care! We recommend this as an Annual service to keep the finish on your boat protected and prevent oxidation and harsh water spots. 

Ceramic Coating - Starting at $85 per foot

 The ultimate protection when it comes to your Gel Coat. Beadlock Pro Marine is 2.5x more concentrated than BLP and has a solvency customized for the marine climate. The higher concentration provides for a single coat application whereas lower concentrated coatings such as BLP require several layers due to the porous aspect of gel coat. Beadlock Pro Marine will leave your boat with an incredible shine and clarity to the finish, While being extremely easy to maintain. With Proper maintenance and methods Beadlock Pro Marine can last between 2-4 years in most conditions. 




Level 1 Detail - $175 sport bike - $225 Bagger / Full Dress

This includes a thorough wash and detail of the bike, The engine and wheels are meticulously cleaned and polished while the Painted surfaces receive a paint sealant for protection. This detail will leave your bike fresh and ready for a weekend ride!


Level 2 Correction - $485 sport bike - $600 Bagger / Full Dress 

This detail also includes a thorough prep wash and detail. The engine and wheels are meticulously cleaned and all metal/chrome is polished to a like new finish. The painted surfaces receive a two step machine polish to remove most swirls and defects leaving you with a like new finish that is clear and glossy. We top that with a 12mo paint sealant for protection. 


Ceramic Coating - Starting at $550 

Ceramic coating is the ultimate protection for your bike, This protective glass layer will help preserve the finish on your bike after a polish. Giving you up to 3 years protection with proper maintenance you are left with an incredible finish sure to make your friends ask about the bike! Our standard Ceramic Coating for bikes is Modesta BC-08, Though we do offer the full line of Modesta coatings available for your bike.

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