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Full Throttle Detailing - Services


Our classic detail is everything a detail should be. We start with the exterior of the car, giving the wheels, tires and undercarriage a thorough clean and rinse out. The vehicle then gets a Light engine bay clean, pre rinse and a thorough decontamination before our two bucket wash method. This decontamination Will remove Iron deposits, tar, bug guts, and help strip the surface of any road film. Our two bucket wash method ensures no swirls are induced during the wash process. After the vehicle is washed and rinsed clean we use our plush drying towels and hot air to dry the vehicle completely, During the drying process we apply a paint sealant that will give you an additional protection good for 4-6 weeks. Once the exterior is Dialed in we hit the jams and begin the interior. We give the vehicle a thorough vacuum and blow out before steaming the plastics, vents, and dash components. After the interior has been Cleaned using a mixture of steam, Disinfectant and anti bacterial cleaners safe for all finishes, We condition all of the plastics and leather for a non greasy factory finish. Lastly the windows are cleaned and the vehicle is wiped down before pickup. 


The Classic is our ONLY detail package, This is a thorough detail of your vehicle that will leave it feeling refreshed and like new. This is recommended as a BI - Annual service for most people. This service is also the first step in any paint correction or coating services. 

 This service starts at

$225 for cars, and $285 for trucks. 


We also have some additional services that are optional with The Classic. These Add ons are for the customers looking to take things a step further and really give their vehicle a total refresh. These services are only available with The Classic, and not as stand alone services. 


This upgraded sealant is a machine applied polymer sealant good for 6 months to a year depending on the vehicle. This will help give you better cleaning abilities, and a deep wax like shine. During the application process the machine polish will help remove any light cloudiness and water spots on the surface 

This service Starts at



With this service we will remove the seats from the vehicle, The carpets are steamed & scrubbed and our hot water extractor is used to remove most stains, spills, and unwanted scents, Cloth seats are also extracted and leather seats receive a deep clean and conditioning balm. The vents are steamed and an odor removal is done. This also includes a new Cabin air filter for most vehicles. Prices depending on severity. 

$85 - $200


Our classic detail always includes a brief engine bay detail, This is a light spray out, and plastics conditioned. For those looking to take things a step further we offer our deep bay clean, This is done with our Steam cleaner to avoid any serious water damage. With this we steam, scrub and clean the engine, bay, and accessories thoroughly before conditioning the plastics, and rubber leaving things factory fresh. With this package we also include a brief inspection, We will recommend any belts and hoses that may need replaced, And any other issues that should be addressed by a mechanic. 

$100 - $200


This is a popular service on most cars, We have the ability to remove most emblems and badges that the vehicle comes with. This will give the vehicle a clean look while preventing dirt and grime from building up behind the emblems. We can also reapply new or black out emblems for most vehicles. 

Per Emblem

$10 - $25


So what’s next? If you are looking to restore your vehicles finish, remove swirls and other defects while improving the gloss and clarity then our paint correction services are for you! We have multiple options depending on the current condition of the vehicle, and the desired finished product. Each step of correction has its unique tools and techniques that allow us to correct and achieve the desired finish. 

Check out our Paint Correction for more info! 

One step Enhancement polish starting at $450

Two step correction polish starting at $750

Three step restoration polish starting at $1100

Check out our Modesta Ceramic Coatings for the ultimate protection for your vehicle!!

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