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Full Throttle Detailing - Canton Ohio -

Full Throttle Detailing - Services

Exterior / Paint Services

Level 1 Enhancement polish / Prep for sale

This includes:

  • Wheels, tires, and wells deep cleaned

  • Pressure wash and intense foam bath 

  • Fallout surface decontamination

  • Proper 3 bucket soft mitt wash

  • Embedded surface decon/clay bar 

  • Rinse and Geyon wet coat is applied 

  • Plush towel dry and thorough blow out

  • Wiped down with sealant

  • Door jams cleaned

  • Windows cleaned

  • Wheels, tires, and wells conditioned

  • Topped with shine supply clutch

  • Burnout, or Cut & finish

Recommended for:

This service is perfect for a vehicle that has been professionally polished and maintained before and is in need of a more thorough “ detail “ To get the paint back to its desired finish. This is also a very popular service for customers looking to sell their vehicle. A thorough detail and polish can add considerable value when it comes time to sell. This service will remove very minor defects and LIGHT swirls, This is designed to add a gloss and protection to the paint, This service DOES NOT remove moderate-major defects from the paint. Please see one of the packages listed below for a more thorough “paint correction”

$225 coupe $275 sedan $300 trucks $350 extended

This process takes 5 to 7 hours

*prices may vary due to the condition of the vehicle


Rejuvenation polish / New car prep ( one step )

This includes:

  • the same wash process as the Level one

  • Paired with a one-step polish and polymer sealant

Recommended for:

This service is a true One step polish, Being that every vehicle's paint is different we use a custom pad and polish combination that will give us the most correction possible while still leaving a glossy and clear finish on the paint. Also known as our “ New car prep” This is our go to for vehicles that are newer and or regularly maintained, Also good for a yearly service for a vehicle that remains outside with little protection on the surface. This service will help remove more minor defects and swirls that the first package does not remove. This service DOES NOT remove major defects and issues with the paint, a consultation is always recommended to see the current condition of the vehicle and desired finish.

 $350 coupe $400 sedan $450 trucks $500 extended

This process takes 8 to 10 hours

*prices may vary due to the condition of the vehicle


Correction polish ( 2 step )

This includes:

  • the same wash process as the Rejuvenation polish

  • Comes standard with our polymer sealant

Recommended for:

This is easily our most popular package in our paint services line up. This service is a custom 2-3 step correction using a mixture of compounds and polishes to remove most moderate defects and swirls leaving you with a “better than new” finish on your vehicle. If your vehicle has never been polished before this is an excellent starting point to revive your ride. Our multi-step process allows us to dig deeper to remove more defects while still obtaining a final gloss and clarity like no other.

$500 coupes $600 Sedans $700 truck SUV $750 extended

This process takes 11 to 15 hours

*prices may vary due to the condition of the vehicle

Restoration polish (3-5steps)


This includes:

  • The same prep wash as Correction polish

  • Comes standard with a polymer sealant but a ceramic coating is recommended!

Recommended for:

This service is for severely neglected paint and cars that do not normally see a professional detailer. If you have a dull, rough surface on your vehicle, due to automatic washes and or no maintenance at all, chances are you will need a restoration polish to restore your vehicles finish to its former glory. This is a multi-step correction that allows us to remove most all defects, swirls, and other issues in the paint, leaving you with a show car quality finish!

$650 coupes $750 sedans $850 truck/suv $950 Extended

This process takes 15 to 25 hours

*prices may vary due to the condition of the vehicle

Wet Sanding

We offer multiple different options when it comes to wet sanding, orange peel removal, and final paint finishing. This service is by quote only starting at $1500

Wheels off service

 $275 - $350 3 - 4 hours (This is NOT a stand-alone service)

Wheels are removed and deep cleaned inside and out of the barrel and then ceramic coated with C5 Ceramic coating 2layers, The suspension also receives a light clean and wipe down with our spray sealant. This will remove most dirt, grease, and grime build up from the suspension before adding protection. 

Engine Bay Detail

Starting on $75 - $150 1 - 2 hours. Complimentary with polishing service.

Undercarriage restoration

Starting at $750 - $2000  15 - 25 hours 

Caliper & Hub refinishing

Starting at $225 - $375 5 - 8 hours

Ceramic Coatings

We will be offering 3 levels of ceramic coating

Level 1 - Beadlock pro by shine supply

Level 2 - CSL & Exo V4

Level 3 - Carbon collecteive molecule and nuro 


  • Level 1 $600

  • Level 2 $700

  • Level 3 $900


  • Level 1 $700

  • Level 2 $800

  • Level 3 $950


  • Level 1 $800

  • Level 2 $900

  • Level 3 $1100


  • Level 1$900

  • Level 2 $1000

  • Level 3 $1250 

Additional ceramic coating options: 

Gyeon leather $100-$300

Glassperency $75 - $300

Smart Fabric $50 - $300

Convertible tops $125 - $275

Motorcycle Details

Both packages will start with a hefty waterless wash and decontamination with Steam. We do not wash a Bike like normal. 

Level 1

Enhancement $350 - $400 4 - 6 hours 

Level 2

Correction $550 - $650 5 - 10 hours

Add a ceramic coating for $300 - $500​

Boat Details

Boats MUST require an inspection before final quote. Every boat is extremely different, from the length, width, and height of the freeboard. This can determine and change the price as needed

Level 1 Enhancement

$450 - $700 12 - 16 hours

This is a one step polish to remove any light oxidation and rub marks cause by docks, rub rails, and bumpers. This will also leave the boat with an intense gloss.

Level 2 Rejuvenation

$700 - $1100 15 - 25 hours 

This is 2 step correction that will remove most defects 

Level 3 Correction

Starting at $1500 

Boats at this condition will require an in person inspection before final quote

Maintenance Details

Inside and out 

Coupes $60 

Sedan $80

Truck $125

Extended $150

Additional Services


Window tinting 



Vehicle location

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